Failed to enable Cloud(P2P) function on NVR.



We recommend updating the NVR firmware to the latest version before starting. The latest version can be downloaded from the Download Center|Milesight.



1. Network Error

2. Other Error



Firstly you can ping a public IP (or on the NVR to check if NVR can access to Internet. (Please upgrade NVR to x.9.0.13 or above)

If fail to ping, you can refer to the Solution 1. If succeed, you can refer to the Solution 2.


1. Solution 1: Network Error


If fail to ping public IP (generally shows “Failed to connect with internet” when enable P2P), maybe the network setting is incorrect.


1.1 Check the DNS setting

You can try with for Preferred DNS Server, to make sure the NVR can access to internet.


1.2 Check the Gateway

The NVR data should go through gateway and then route to the destination. So, please make sure the current gateway can allow NVR to communicate with internet. Usually the gateway address is the IP of router.

Note: Generally if there is a PC can access internet in the same LAN, you can try to use same gateway on the NVR. 


1.3 Change default route

Check the Default Route when you use Multi-address mode for NVR 7000 and 8000 series. For example, the LAN2 is connected to internet, but the Default Route is set to LAN1, that will cause the internet access failure.



1.4 Check the Router settings

If there is no problem for the NVR setting, please also check your router settings to make sure it can access to internet. 

Note: If your NVR already used same gateway with PC, you just need to check whether the PC can access internet or not. You should check router settings if the PC also can’t access internet.


2. Solution 2: Other Error


If succeed to ping public IP (generally shows other warning message when enable P2P), it’s more likely due to P2P server issue or Firewall block. 

Then you can try to ping our P2P cloud (



2.1 Succeed to ping P2P server

If succeed to ping P2P server but still can’t enable P2P, please contact Milesight support for help.


2.2 Fail to ping P2P server

If fail to ping the P2P server, maybe the P2P server address is blocked by Firewall or there are some other P2P server issue. 

Please check the firewall status of your local network firstly. You can turn off the firewall or set outbound rules to allow the network to access our P2P server(

If there is no problem for the firewall but still failed to access P2P server, please contact Milesight support for help.