IP Camera has been powered on but cannot be found by Smart Tools.

As shown in the figure above, this problem is in <IP Camera cannot be found by Smart Tools> of the entire IP Camera startup process. 


1. Switch Settings

2. Smart Tools Settings

3. PC Settings

4. Hardware Failure




In order to eliminate the interference of other factors, we recommend that the PC/NVR can be directly connected to the IP camera for testing. The topology map is shown as below:

Ø Camera - PoE Switch - PC/NVR

Ø Power Supply Device - Camera - Switch - PC/NVR

For some Multiple Interface Version Cameras which have extra power supply ports, such as DC 12V/2A, AC 24V/3A, obviously these cameras support power supply methods rather than PoE Switch. In this case, we must pay attention to the problem of the AC adapter and power cord.


Before starting troubleshooting, please double check the camera is powered on.

A regular power on would be: 

The camera makes a click sound of IR-CUT switching and the IR light flashes once. 

If you are connected to a PoE switch, you can also check whether the PoE port light is on.

If you have a certain ability to disassemble, you can open the camera housing and check whether the light of  board inside the camera body is on.



1. Switch Settings

1.1 Standard Mode

Some Switches have CCTV/VLAN mode and so on. In order to further troubleshoot the problem, please make sure that the switch is working in Standard Mode.


1.2 Multicast Mode

Check whether the Switch supports Multicast Mode. It should be noted that some managed Switches can support the control of the Multicast protocol. Ensure that the Multicast Mode of Switch is enabled.


2. Smart Tools Settings

2.1 Run as administrator

Please right click the Smart Tools and Run it as administrator.

Some PCs may have permission settings, Run as administrator can effectively prevent this problem. 


2.2 Filter Mode

Milesight Smart Tools Filter Mode is On by default. This mode is mainly used to filter cameras of different IP segments on the pages of SettingsPreview, and Upgrade, because cameras of different IP segment can only modify network settings rather than other operations.

Position of Filter Mode:

There is no difference on the page of Network (The number of camera: 540):

But when you switch to other interfaces: 

Filter Mode is On (The number of camera: 307):

Filter Mode is Off (The number of camera: 540): 


3. PC Settings

3.1 Firewall Limitation

Check the Windows firewall. Confirm“smart tools” is permissioned.


3.2 Multiple IP address Settings

Confirm there are 1 IP address and 1 gateway.

Some cases are caused by the multiple IP address settings. Usually, they can be solved by removing the extra IP address.


3.3 Multiple Network Adapter Settings

Confirm that only one network adapter is running.


4. Hardware Failure

4.1 Confirm Hardware Issue

In order to eliminate the problem of software issue, please reset the hardware.


Reset Steps

Step1: Press the reset button and hold on, then power on the network camera and the IR LEDs will begin to twinkle;

Step2: Keep pressing the reset button until the IR LEDs are on;

Step3: Loosen the reset button, then the camera begins to reset;

Step4: It will take 1~3 minutes to complete the reset and the IP will change to (If it failed to change, please try again from step 1.);

Step5: Modify your local IP by Smart Tools again.

Usually, the position of Reset button is under the cover of camera, for example, Vandal-proof Mini Dome: open the cover of the camera, you’ll see a button shown as below.

For more details about hardware reset of other models, please refer to <IP Camera Hardware Reset>.


4.2 RESET Button

Sometimes the IP Camera keeps resetting because the RESET button is been pressed. You can check the camera status by pinging the camera IP. The main phenomenon of Pinging: It prompts “Request timeout” and will connect again.

Command: ping <camera IP> -t

Confirm whether the RESET button has been pressed accidentally.


If the problem persists, you can contact Milesight support ( for help.