1. What is Group?


As you can see in the picture, you can divide disks into different Groups to store different channels’ recorded files.

By this way, you can greatly reduce the load pressure of each hard disk.

2. How to set up Group?

Note: The Group only can set up on Monitor side.

There are three steps to complete the setting.

Step1: Go to“Storage”→“Group”.Then enable Group.

set up Group

Step2: Switch to Disk interface. Click "Edit" and set the group number of every disk.


You can add 16 groups at most.

set up Group

Step3: Go to “Group”, Select group and channels which you want to record into this group.

set up Group


1. When you have enabled the “Group”, please set a Group for each channel, otherwise the channel which doesn't set a Group can not be recorded.

2. The same channel can be added to multiple Groups(16 at most), but not recording in multiple Groups at the same time. The channel which is added to multiple Groups will record to the next Group when the last Group has run out of storage space. The channel which is only added to one Group will cover the recording according to the date(Older videos will be covered first) when the Group has run out of storage space.

This flowchart may help you understand this process

Flowchart of Group

3. RAID and NAS also can be used to form Group.