Cloud(P2P) was enabled on NVR before, but it’s failed to connect NVR on mobile app or CMS now.



We recommend updating the NVR and app firmware to the latest version before starting. The latest version can be downloaded from the Download Center|Milesight. For mobile app, you can check update from the Apple store or Google play.



1. Network issue (mobile app or PC can’t access internet)

2. NVR issue (NVR is turned off, P2P disabled, NVR network issue)

3. Password error

4. Unmatched mobile app

5. Other issue (firewall block or P2P server issue)




Case 1. Connect on App

Edit and save the device on app again, then you will find error code in the warning message.



1. Error code: -90

It means the P2P device can’t be found.

1.1 NVR is turned off. Maybe the NVR was shut down by someone or it broke down by unknown reason. You should restart the NVR to make it online.

1.2 P2P is disabled on NVR. You should enable P2P function again on the NVR side.

1.3 NVR network issue. Maybe the NVR is still working but just failed to access internet. You can change the DNS( of NVR, or check the gateway, default route(dual LAN model) and router settings. 

Note: For more details about NVR network issue, you can refer to the Resolution 1 in NVR FAQ [NVR-Cloud] Failed to enable Cloud(P2P).doc .


2. Error code: -1

It means general error, you can try with the methods below.

1.1 If you are using old NVR model, please use M-VMS but not M-Sight Pro. If you can’t connect successfully with MAC address in M-VMS, you can also try with SN. 


(1) The old NVR model means the NVR which with model name MS-Nxxxx without any other suffix (e.g. MS-N5008, MS-N7016), or the 1009-UT which with SN 12xxxxxxxxx.

(2) The old M-VMS is not available on Apple Store and Google Play now, if you didn’t install it before, please contact Milesight support for help.

1.2 If you only can’t connect P2P on any specific mobile phone, please check the network permission of mobile app. You can switch WIFI and cellular data to check again.



1.3 P2P server issue. You can contact Milesight support for help in this case.

1.4 It may be caused by some other reasons like NVR network issue or password error. You can refer to the solution which in Error code -1005 and -90.


3. Error code: -1005


It means password error, you can save the user password again on NVR side.




4. Error code: -27


It means connection time out, maybe the network speed is slow. You should optimize the network condition of mobile phone or the NVR.


Case 2. Connect on CMS


If failed to connect P2P on CMS, it’s better to enable P2P function on the NVR side to check again. 

If failed to enable P2P, it may be due to NVR network issue, firewall block or P2P server issue. You can refer to the NVR FAQ [NVR-Cloud] Failed to enable Cloud(P2P).docIf you can succeed to enable P2P but still fail to connect NVR, please check the solutions below.

1. Network issue


Maybe the PC is failed to access internet. You can check the DNS or Gateway of PC. Generally you can set the DNS to, and the gateway address is the IP of router.



2. Password error


You can save the user password again on NVR side.

3. Other unknown issue


You can contact Milesight support for help in this case.

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