Fuzzy Screen Images of channels on Live View page. Fuzzy Screen Images contains Image broken, Distortion, Blur, Green screen, shown below: 

Local Monitor:







Before starting troubleshooting the image broken issue, we strongly recommend that the NVR firmware be upgraded to the latest version, which will optimize the transport protocol automatically.



1. Network Issues

2. Video Cable Issues



1. Network Issues

Normally, the Fuzzy Screen Images issues are caused by network connection. So most of such issues can be solved by below solutions.

1.1 Transport Protocol

Make sure the Transport Protocol is TCP.

Compared with UDP, TCP is reliable as it guarantees the delivery of data to the destination host. It can effectively reduce the probability of image broken.



7X.9.0.11 (2021/2) add Auto option to Transport Protocol. It will connect to camera through TCP by default. But sometimes, if the TCP is not available on camera, it will switch to UDP.


1.2 Poor Connection Status

Ideally, the ping delay time <1ms is the best network environment. Any environment with delay time >1ms may cause image broken issues.

You can check the network status through pinging desired camera IP.


Status - Network Status - Network Test - Input desired camera IP in Destination Address box. - Start



1.3 Switch Capability Limitation

Generally, if the NVR connect to more than 5 channels of cameras, we recommend using Gigabit Switch.

You can check if the Switch is Gigabit Switch via below path:

Status - Network Status - Connection

If there is 1000Mbps, the NVR is connected through 1000Mbps port.



We recommend that using Cat5 or Cat6 network cable to match Gigabit Switch.


14 HTTP Stream Switch

For those IE web page, if above resolutions do not resolve the problem, please check if the Connection Type is HTTP.



This is only for IE web page. Edge, Chrome will play HTTP stream by default and don’t have such page.


2. Video Cable Issues

If the problem ONLY occur on Local Monitor but other sides are normal, we need to consider whether the video cable is good.

As you can see below picture, the entire screen image is blurred. In this case, you can try to exchange good HDMI/VGA cable to test if the problem is solved.