Failed to search the IP camera even after clicking “Search” button on the Device Search page.


We recommend updating the NVR firmware to the latest version before starting. The latest version can be downloaded from the Download Center|Milesight.




1. Physical Connection

2. Network Settings



1. Physical Connection

Usually, a CCTV security system contains 4 parts: Camera, PoE Switch, NVR and Network Cable. If you want them to work normally, the NVR and Camera must be in the same LAN. The topology is shown below: 

Camera - PoE Switch - NVR

For PoE NVR, you have the second way to connect to camera as shown below:

PoE NVR - Camera




Obviously, we will investigate the faults from possible places in the topology diagram. 


Regarding searching issue, we offer a function which can test the network status. (NVR needs to be upgraded to version 7X.9.0.13 (2021/9) or above.) If you connect the device from above ways, you can use this function to ping the IP of the specified camera.

Path: Status->Network Status->Network Test



1.1 Camera Status

Ensure the camera is powered on. (There will be an IR-CUT switching sound if the IR light been turned on.)

Check the camera status and make sure you can login the Camera’s web page.


1.2 Network Cable

We recommend that the length of the network cable should not exceed 100m. 

If it exceeds 100m, the network status will become worse, unless the Switch supports extend mode.


1.3 Switch Working Mode

Standard Mode

Some Switches have CCTV/VLAN mode and so on. In order to further troubleshoot the problem, please make sure that the switch is working in Standard mode.

Multicast Mode

Check whether the Switch supports Multicast Mode. It should be noted that some managed Switches can support the control of the Multicast protocol. Ensure that the Multicast Mode of Switch is enabled.


1.4 NVR LAN Ports

For Pro NVR 7/8000 Series, it has Dual LAN Ports which support Multi-address working mode. You can set different IP segments for each port. This will not be a problem when you connect 2 network cables to 2 LAN ports, but when you connect 1 network cable, you need to pay attention to the connected camera and the NVR port in the same IP segment. For example, the IP of LAN2 is: It can connect to camera which is in 192.168.10.X IP segment if you just connect 1 network cable. 



2. Network Settings

2.1 MSSP vs. ONVIF

Normally, NVR discovers IP Camera through ONVIF protocol, so the Camera and NVR need to be in the same IP segment

However, Milesight NVR has better compatibility with Milesight camera and it can discover Mielsight camera across IP segments through MSSP protocol. You only need to ensure that the Mielsight camera and Milesight NVR are in the same LAN