IP camera cannot be powered on and there is no response at the moment of powering on. 


A regular power on would be: 

The camera makes a click sound of IR-CUT switching and the IR light flashes once. 

If the cameras are connected to a PoE switch, you can also check whether the PoE port light is on.

If you have a certain ability to disassemble, you can open the camera housing and check whether the light of  board inside the camera body is on.

If none of the above situations occur, it is classified as a problem that the IPC cannot be powered on.

As shown in the figure above, this problem is in <Power On Camera> of the entire IP Camera startup process. 



1. Power Supply Device

2. Network Cable

3. Camera Hardware Failure



Normally, a complete CCTV system includes Camera, Switch and NVR/PC. But for the problem of not being able to power on, the parts we need to consider are the Power Supply Device, the Network Cable and the Camera Hardware Failure. Totally, we have 2 power supply methods, the specific topology map as follows: 

Ø Camera - PoE Switch

Ø DC/AC Adapter - Camera


1. Power Supply Device

1.1 PoE Switch

Ensure the specifications of PoE Switch is correct. Milesight IP Camera supports PoE standard protocol 802.3af and 802.3at, so only 48V PoE Switch can power on our IP Camera normally.

Check if the PoE port of the Switch is rusty or damaged. It can be proved by exchanging to other good PoE port.

Ensure the PoE power supply function is enabled. Some Switches have a PoE power supply function switch, please make sure it’s enabled.


1.2 DC/AC Adapter

Ensure the specifications of DC/AC Adapter is correct. Some Milesight IP Cameras with DC/AC power supply ports can support DC12V/2A, AC 24V/3A power supply, please ensure that the specifications of the Adapter are consistent with the camera. 

Ensure the DC/AC Adapter is available. Generally, Adapter has the indicator light. You can judge it by the light of Adapter.


2. Network Cable

Check the length of network cable. Due to the limitation of the PoE power supply standard, we recommend that the length of the network cable should not exceed 100m.

Although CAT4 is available, we recommend that using CAT5 or CAT6 network cable to power on the IP Camera. 


3. Camera Hardware Failure

Besides external factors problem, the IP Camera cannot be powered on may be caused by camera hardware failure. 

If above resolutions do not resolve the problem, please create a Ticket and attach the MAC address of faulty camera (Necessary) to Milesight support for further help.


If it’s possible, you can exchange good parts to test. It would be helpful for RMA process. Before starting, please pay attention to disconnect the power and keep it dry during the whole process.

If the PCBA board is faulty, please try to take a clear picture of the corresponding board and provide it to Milesight support. (PCBA board includes PoE board, interface board, motherboard and auxiliary board).