IP Camera can be found by Smart Tools but cannot reach the web page on the PC side.

As shown in the figure above, this problem is in <IP Camera web page cannot be reached> of the entire IP Camera startup process. 



1. PC Issues

2. Camera Issues 

3. Hardware Failure



1. PC Issues

1.1 Different IP segments between IP camera and PC

Ensure the IP camera and PC in the same IP segment.

In order to better troubleshoot the problem, we recommend using Smart Tools which can automatically find Milesight Network Cameras and NVRs connected in the LAN. The Camera IP will be efficiently changed to the same IP segment as the PC with the use of this tool.


You can ping through the “Command” of the PC to test whether the IP of the target camera is available as shown below:


1.2 Incorrect Port Entered

Generally, the default HTTP port is 80 and HTTPS port is 443. If the IP is entered manually, check whether the HTTP/HTTPS port is normal. And ensure the entered port is the same as the port of camera itself. 

For example, the HTTP port of below camera is 82, so you need to input the corresponding HTTP port to reach the page.


1.3 Milesight DDNS and Chrome Settings

Camera uses Milesight DDNS provider ( and inputs the corresponding DDNS URL can reach web page on IE, but not on Chrome or Edge side. Other DDNS providers don’t have such issue.

The main reason is that the cookies called by Milesight DDNS and IP camera are SameSite on Chrome settings. 

Please check the SameSite settings and make sure they are disabled.

Path: Input “chrome://flags/” in browser address bar - Search flags “samesite” - Set them to “Disabled”


2. Camera Issues

2.1 Access List Limitation on the Camera side

Check whether the camera restricts the IP access to the PC. If you have this problem, please change the IP of PC to have a test or reset the camera.


2.2 Incomplete Search Information

IP Camera can be found by Smart Tools. Its MAC address will be displayed normally but IP & Port be 0.

When you encounter this situation, you can solve it by hardware RESET (Long pressing the RESET button before powering on).

If the problem persists, you can contact Milesight support ( for help.


2.3 CPU Load Rate is too high

Too many functions or connections cause a high system load, which leads to access slowly or cannot reach the camera web page. It is recommended to reboot or reset.


2.4 Camera keeps Restarting or Resetting

In a few cases, software process problem may cause continuous restart or reset of the Camera. This problem usually occurs in the old versionsYou can check the camera status by pinging the camera IP. The main phenomenon of Pinging: It prompts “Request timeout” and will connect again.

Command: ping <camera IP> -t

If you encounter it, you can perform hardware RESET and we strongly recommend you to update your camera to the latest version which is stabler and faster. 


3. Hardware Failure

Although the hardware reset is the last option, but it is the most effective solution.


Reset Steps

Step1: Press the reset button and hold on, then power on the network camera and the IR LEDs will begin to twinkle;

Step2: Keep pressing the reset button until the IR LEDs are on;

Step3: Loosen the reset button, then the camera begins to reset;

Step4: It will take 1~3 minutes to complete the reset and the IP will changed to (If it failed to change, please try again from step 1.);

Step5: Modify your local IP by Smart Tools again.

Usually, the position of Reset button is under the cover of camera, for example, Vandal-proof Mini Dome: open the cover of the camera, you’ll see a button shown as below.

For more details about hardware reset of other models, please refer to <IP Camera Hardware Reset>.


If the problem persists, you can contact Milesight support ( for help.



1. Failed to reach the camera web page when the Video Codec Type is MJPEG.

Cause: The Camera CPU will soar due to the MJPEG Video Codec Type and large number of channel connections, which results in the inability to access the page.

Resolution: Switch Video Codec Type to H.264 or H.265.