1. Introduction

In order to check alarm messages in time, you can set device to push the alarm message to your mobile phone and check them.


Figure1 Receive Alarm Messages from Camera and NVR


2. Ensure App Permissions

Different smart phone systems have different default configurations in the notification permissions. You may need to confirm whether the notification permissions of M-Sight Pro is sufficient before using it.


Figure2 Ensure App Permissions

Note: There are differences in notification settings between different smart phone systems. Figure2 shows the notification settings for MIUI (Android) and iOS. 


3. Enable Push Message on Your Devices

Camera: Open the web page of your camera. Select Basic SettingsNetworkMore in the configuration. Then, enable Push Message and edit the type.


NVR: Open the web page of your NVR. Select SystemNetworkMore in the Settings. Then, enable Push Message and configure other settings.

Note: Make sure you have enabled the function corresponding to Push Event Type.


4. Configure Alarm Message on M-sight Pro APP

Step 1: Generally, Alarm Video Push in General Settings is turned on by default. You can also check it and change Alarm Push Interval as needed (from 30 seconds to 2 hours).


Step 2: Open Alarm Message and make sure that the devices which you want to get messages from have been checked. Press Bell to go to Alarm Push

Step 3: Turn On the Device in Alarm Push. And then you will get the notification from smart phone system. Meanwhile, the logs will be written in Alarm Message.


Tips: You can delete all Alarm Message logs if you want.