1. Introduction

Milesight Cloud Management is designed for managing Milesight Devices. You can log into Milesight Cloud from web and other handhold devices. 


Milesight Cloud provides a way to bind the devices with Cloud account, which allows users to get the device list by logging into Cloud account in different clients. Instead of adding all the devices piece by piece, it’s a more convenient way to manage devices.


It's easy to use. You can register an Cloud account and login into it, add devices by register code or scan the register QR code, and then you can preview the added devices in M-Sight pro. Other features are as follows:

Support sharing devices with other accounts.

Support transferring devices to another account.

Support grouping devices.

Other functions.



For now, only NVRs can be added to Cloud account.

2. Preparation

It's necessary to upgrade NVR and M-sight Pro to latest versions, which are or above for M-Sight Pro, 7x.9.0.12 or above for NVR. 

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