1. Introduction

In order to improve users data protection and data security, we have added the Failover function in VMS Enterprise. In the same system, when a server fails, other servers with Failover function enabled will take over the camera and keep recording the video of failed server.



1. To use this function, need at least two servers. 

2. When the failed server is restored, the camera's video during the failure will remain on the replaced server and will not be sent back to the original server. 

3. When multiple servers are ready for taking over the camera, the system dynamically allocates the camera based on the load of each server.


2. How to Set Failover 

2.1 Add multiple servers to the same system

If the server is not added to any system, it is an Undefined server. You can select and add them to any system.


1. If the current server has been added to another system, the server can be detached from the system. Please follow the steps below to set it up.

2. To add into a system, need to enter the account and password of the system owner.


Step 1: Login to the VMS Enterprise, Select“Settings”-> Click“Server Settings”-> Choose a “server”-> Click“Detach Server”


Step 2: Choose“Remove or Keep cameras of this server from system” ---> Wait for 5 seconds and click  button to detach the selected server from this VMS system, then the server will become an undefined server.


(1) Only the Owner user has permission to perform the Detach Server operation and check the detach result.

(2) When there is an exceptional occurrence of server to make it offline, if you directly click  button,  the deleted server is not actually detached from system. Once server restores normal status, the server still can display in the interface and start working.


(3) After the last server is detached, all clients connected to the system will be forced to logout, and pop up a window to inform you“All servers in this system have been removed, please set up system or contact administrator”.


2.2 Set Failover

Step 1: Connect to the system, Select“Settings”-> Click“Server Settings”-> Choose a server -> Click“Failover”


Note: The“Max cameras allowed on this server”is depend on the VMS activation code.


(1) Check  to enable the Failover function.

(2) Checkand all cameras in the system and their priorities will be displayed on the list below.indicates that continuous recording is enabled.indicates that continuous recording is disabled.

(3) You can select the cameras and set the priority including High, Medium, Low and Never. Then click  button.

(4) Finish the setting and click  button.



There must be unoccupied channels on the server whose Failover function is enabled. Only when the number of channels on the server is less than 128, the server whose Failover function is enabled can take over the channels of other servers.