1. Introduction

To better enrich users product experience, Milesight NVR realize a POS function which combines POS and security system, so that the POS message and Live view can be watched by NVR together.

Note: Only available for NVRs firmware version XX.9.0.13 or above.


2. How to Set POS ?

Totally, NVR has two interfaces to enable this function.

2.1 Enable POS function on monitor side and web side

Path : Select“Smart Analysis” -> Click“Analysis Settings” -> Choose“POS”

Monitor side: 

Web side:







1. If the length of POS information displayed in Live View exceeds the width of display area, it will be wrap displayed automatically.

2. When the corresponding video record is overwritten, the corresponding POS information will be deleted or overwritten synchronously.

There is no related POS information in snapshots/video export/picture export.


2.2 How to search POS information on monitor side and web side

Steps 1: Click “Smart Analysis” -> Choose “Analysis Search” -> Select “POS”

Monitor side:

Web side:

Note: After search successfully, the POS result will directly shows up.

Monitor side:


Web side:


1. If this  button is blue, it means the video will shows the POS information.

2. If this  button is white, it means the video will hide the POS information.

3. Click  or  to backup the POS List or video.

Monitor side :


Note: Need a USB driver for backup.

Web side:



POS List: Excel file (CSV format).

The name of the file: NVR NAME _POS List_ YY/MM/DD/HOUR/MINUTE/SECOND.



3.How to test POS function?

“NetAssist” is a Network tool which can help users to test POS function.

Here is the download link: 


Step 1: Configure the POS setting on NVR

Path : Select“Smart Analysis”-> Click“Analysis Settings”-> Choose“POS”

Note: Follow the steps in 1-3 pages in this document.

1. Connection Mode: Choose UDP or TCPNetAssist should be the same with NVR side.

2. Connection Mode Settings: Type the back-end IP address, if download the NetAssist in PC, then write down the PCs IP address.

3. Must configure a effective display channel.

4. You can change the“POS port”in NVR’s setting --> System --> Network --> More --> POS port


Step 2: Configure the test server (NetAssist).

Double click to open the “NetAssist”.

1. If the connection mode of NVR is TCP, then choose NetAssist as TCP client.

2. Enter NVRs IP address into Remote host addr.

3. Must keep the Remote host port as same as the NVRs POS port.

Step 3: After POS message send successfully, the message will display in the Live view.