1. Introduction

In order to enable users to backup files more quickly and conveniently, and considering that video files need to be played on the computer side in some specific situations, we have added the Auto Backup function in NVR, which can regularly backup video and ensure video security.


Note: Auto Backup function is based on eSATA function, which is only available for NVR 8000 Series with firmware version XX.9.0.12 or above.

2. How to Set Auto Backup ?

Totally, NVR has two interfaces to enable this function.

2.1 Backup on monitor

Path: Select“Storage”-> Click“General Settings”-> Set“eSATA Function”as Backup mode 

-> Click“Auto Backup”


Step 1: Select“Storage”to enter the Storage interface.

Step 2: Select“General Settings”->Set“eSATA Function”as Backup mode.  

Step 3: Select“Auto Backup”to enable Auto Backup function.


Step 4: Click to format eSATA disk.


Note: The eSATA disk will format to FAT32 and the max storage is 2TB.


1. Thebutton can not be clicked when eSATA does not exist or Auto Backup function is disable.

2. The correct value will be display inwhen eSATA work normally.

3. Below three situations will display“-”in available Capacity:

① No eSATA in NVR.

② The format of eSATA is incorrect.

③ The eSATA has not set as “Backup” mode.


Step 5: Set the configuration of NVR Auto Backup function.

Table-1 Description of the Auto Backup Configuration


Function Introduction

Backup Start Time

Set Backup Start Time

Backup Channel

At least select one channel 

Backup Stream Type

Primary Stream, Secondary Stream

Backup File Type

MP4, AVI and PS


Keep writing new data replace the old data when disk full

Backup Status

① Empty --- Default status / Backup function have not started 

② No storage Device --- No eSATA / eSATA is storage mode

③ Unsupported Storage Device Format --- The format of eSATA is not FAT32

(Solution: Click the“Format”button to format)

④ Standby --- The Auto backup function works normally

⑤ Working (xx%) --- The backup is working

Last Successful Backup

Display the last time when the backup is successful

Empty --- The backup have not start / just start / default status

YYYY-MM-DD --- If there has a successful backup record, then it will display the end time


Step 6: Clickto save the setting, the latest 24 hours’video will be automatically backed up to eSATA.



1. If the backup process exceeds 24 hours, it will be interrupted.

2. There are two situations that cause backup process interruption in 24 hours.

① System Restart or NTP Time Synchronization, which can continue backup in 24 hours. 

② User change System Time or Backup Setting, which can not continue backup.

2.2 Backup on web

Path: Click“Settings -> Select“Storage”-> Choose“General Setting”-> Select“eSATA Function”as Backup mode  -> Click “Auto backup”


Step 1: Click“Settings“-> Select“Storage”-> Select“General Setting”-> Select“eSATA Function”as Backup mode 

Step 2: Select“Auto Backup”and enable Auto Backup function.


Note: The configuration details of the Auto Backup function on web side is the same as the QT interface, please see the table-1 in the previous page.

3. How to read file from SATA Hard Drives ?

Step 1: You can read the video files by plugging the hard drive into PC or using external tools. For example, Hard Drive Docking Station.

Step 2: Read file in PC

① The Primary folder name as “MS-Model-MAC”

② The second record name as “YY/MM/DD-Hour/Minute/Second” (Back Time)

③ Then you can find the video record files divided into 1GB files in the folder.