1. Introduction

Milesight NVR support Quota and Group in Storage Mode which provide you with more flexible storage allocation.

1.1 Quota Mode

Each channel can be configured with allocated quota for record or snapshot. The channel will record or snapshot until reach the capacity of quota and won’t be covered by other channels.

For example, if you want some channels have enough storage capacity to record or snapshot , you can allocate quota for these channels, and the channels will record or snapshot until reach the limit of quota capacity.

1.2 Group Mode

As you can see in the picture, you can divide disks into different Groups to store different channels’ recorded files.

By this way, you can greatly reduce the load pressure of each hard disk. 


You can use these two functions at the same time.



2. How to set up Quota 

Step 1: Go to Storage-->Storage Mode-->Quota. There are configurations and list shown as below:

Quota: Select “Enable”to enable Quota Mode.

Channel: Select the channel you want to configure, the next four options will change correspondingly.

Used Record Capacity(GB): It shows the used record capacity of selected channel.

Used Snapshot Capacity(GB): It shows the used snapshot capacity of selected channel.

Record Quota (GB): Enter the record capacity you want to allocate to this channel.  

Snapshot Quota (GB): Enter the snapshot capacity you want to allocate to this channel. You can also check the information mentioned above in the list.

Step 2: You can copy the quota settings of the current channel to other channels. Click Apply to save the configuration.



1. The default quota for each channel is 0 GB. 0 GB means no Quota, whose priority is lower than the one has quota. 

2. If you turn Recycle on, it will cover old files when the disk is full

But if you have allocated quota to some channels, it will cover old files when used capacity reached the quota capacity,even if the disk is not full.

3. There is no limit to the total quota, you can allocate 4-16384 GB of capacity to each channel. But it’s recommended that the total quota capacity should be less than the total capacity of disk.

3. How to set up Group

Step1: Go to Storage-->Storage Mode-->Group. Then enable Group.

Step 2. Switch to Disk Management interface. Click  and set the group number of each disk. You can add 16 groups at most.

Step 3. Go back to Group interface, select group and channels which you want to record into this group.



1. When you have enabled the Group, please set a Group for each channel, otherwise the channel which doesn't set a Group can not be recorded.

2. The same channel can be added to multiple Groups(16 at most), but not recording in multiple Groups at the same time. The channel which is added to multiple Groups will record to the next Group when the last Group has run out of storage space.

3. RAID and NAS also can be used to form Group.