1. What iSplit Playback

Split Playback allows users to select a video channel and set time period to divide the video files into several parts in the specified time period according to their needs when they are watching playback, so that users can watch videos of different time simultaneously. No doubt it can largely reduce time consumption and improve searching efficiency, coupled with layout of 4/9/16 windows available.

2. How to Watch Split Playback in Local Monitor

This is the default page of Playback. Before using the function, you should make sure that your NVR version is 9.0.9 or above, if not, please update it to the new version.

Figure 1  Default Playback Page

Step1. Select Split Playback as playback type. 

Step2. Select Stream Type. 

Primary Stream and Secondary Stream are available. 

Step3. Select channel. 

Select a channel you want to do playback. You are allowed to select only one channel at one time.

Step4. Set Start Time and End Time. 

Set Start Time and End Time and click Search button to search playback records of the chosen channel.

Note:The Start Time will display 00:00:00 of the day by default, with the End Time displaying 23:59:59. You can set the Start and End time according to your needs, but remember that the time period should be within 24 hours.

Figure 2  Split Playback (4 Screen)

Each window get their own file bar, with all of them asynchronous playing back. The moving tool bar of each window only controls the time screen progress of its own channel .

Segmentation rules

Taking 4 Screen layout as an example, the start time of the first file found in the search time condition will be taken as the start time of calculation T0, and the end time of the last file found in the search condition is taken as the end time T1. Then the time length of each segment Tn= (t1-t0) /n, where n is 4, 9 or 16. Tn has to be an integer.


The minimum playback value on the split screen is 1 minute, that is, if the search result is less than 1 minute, all the videos corresponding to the search will only be played in window 1, and the other windows will not play.

Split Playback only supports one channel at one time.

Slave NVRs do not have this function under hot spare mode.