1. Introduction   

Smart Play Speed allows users to configure Play Speed for General Video and Event Video and choose to skip General Video according to their preference. It provides users with a more efficient and time-saving way when watching Playback by skipping over less important part of video record and focusing more on Event Record.

2. How to Set Smart Play Speed

Click to expand the corresponding Playback speed control panel.

The default display is Off, the three options below will not take effect.

Before setting Smart Play Speed for Event Video, make sure that you have enabled the event detection and set correct event record schedule.


When the Smart Play Speed option is On, the following three options will be editable with different selection. If you enable Skip General Video, you can only edit the Play Speed for Event Video. Play Speed for General Video and Event Video can be adjusted to 1X,2X,4X,8X,16X,32X,64X,128X by your needs, which displays 1X by default.


①Smart Play Speed function only support one single channel play.

②After enabling Smart Play Speed, speed up and speed down buttons would turn invalid, while other function buttons are available as usual.

③Smart Play Speed function only works for General Playback.