1. What is UPnP

UPnP(Universal Plug and Play) is to realize automatic port mapping and automatic identification of the network cameras’ gateway device.

It makes household and office network applications become more simple. By opening the UPnP, the applications do not need to correspond again through a router port mapping, and the cameras that outside the network can also be accessed.

2. How to Set UPnP

Log in web, and go to "Basic Settings"→ "Network"→ "UPnP".

There are two ways to use UPnP:

Way1: Automatically access port: you can automatically obtain the corresponding HTTP and RTSP ports without the need to make any settings.

UPnP on camera

Way2: Manually set port: you need to manually set the appropriate HTTP port and RTSP port.

UPnP on camera

HTTP/ RTSP internal ports setup steps: “Basic Settings”→“HTTP”/“RTSP”

UPnP on camera
UPnP on camera


1) After enabling UPnP on web, you also need to enable UPnP on router settings. But not all of the routers support UPnP;

2) If everything has done, you can access to the camera from remote, like:, is the the public IP address for the camera, and 21213 is its HTTP port after port forwarding;

3) HTTP port is for login via web, RTSP port is for live video stream. Both ports need to be forwarded.